Mechanical Design

Our mechanical department specializes in energy conservation projects and is proficient in energy analysis and life cycle cost estimating programs. We have been involved in numerous projects and studies to identify and quantify energy savings opportunities for mechanical and electrical building system retrofits and new building construction. From small split-systems to large central plants, multiple systems are analyzed to determine the right system for each facility.

Electrical Design

Our electrical department is experienced in the design of lighting systems of all types for a wide variety of buildings.  We also have extensive experience in the design of medium voltage and low voltage power distribution systems, fire detection systems, and wiring in hazardous locations. We have provided the electrical and communication design for many multi-purpose ranges for the US Army, ($20 million to $36 million construction cost, each).

Telecommunications Design

Our technology design team consists of two Registered Communications Distribution Designers (RCDDs) and two Senior Telecommunications Designers, one with fifteen years and the other with twelve years of specifically related design experience. We specialize in technology designs for schools and maintain proficiency in the latest technologies such as VOIP, WLAN wireless, SMART classrooms, and BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) initiatives.

Our telecommunications department has provided structured cabling designs for a multitude of schools, governmental facilities and commercial buildings since its inception.  We have developed design and construction standards related to voice, data, video and media retrieval systems for six school districts.   Our telecommunications design professionals have experience in the application of Category 6 Cabling, Wireless Networking, Audio-Visual and Television, LAN Equipment, Telephone PBX Systems and Voice Over IP, and Grounding and Bonding.


With nearly 200 years of combined experience, Premier's team of engineers and technical personnel provide a wide range of engineering services to our clients. Our staff of engineers, designers, and CAD/BIM technicians works together as a part of the clients' design team to successfully complete all project requirements within time and budgetary constraints.  Careful coordination with the owner's personnel is essential to completing a project that meets everyone's expectations. We believe in producing extremely detailed bid documents and construction documents using cutting-edge technology.  This requires more work on our part but makes a better project for our clients by producing accurate and competitive bid results, delivering reliable documentation of systems as-built for future reference by facilities personnel, and by putting bidders on a level playing field.

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