Merritt Brown & Surfside Middle Schools


Campus-Wide HVAC and Electrical Upgrades
Premier Engineering Group, LLC was responsible for HVAC, electrical and telecommunications design and engineering construction administration for the complete renovation of the Merritt Brown and Surfside Middle School campuses.

Facility Size: Over 200,000 square feet.


Total Construction Cost:  $12,500,000

Mechanical:  HVAC design consists of air cooled chillers, a heat recovery chiller, central station air handling units, and VAV terminal units with hot water reheat. The design provides over 200 VAV zones with an overall tonnage of 760 tons. The project emphasizes engineering design for energy efficiency and meets and exceeds the recommendations contained in the ASHRAE Design Guide “Advanced Energy Guide for K-12 School Buildings” for the project climate zone.  A Life Cycle Cost Analysis was performed to validate the energy and cost savings associated with each energy conservation measure.  At both campuses, those measures include very high efficiency lighting (less than one watt per square foot in classrooms), a 100 ton heat recovery chiller, demand-controlled ventilation in highly variable occupancy areas such as the gymnasium and multipurpose room, and energy recovery static heat exchangers for ventilation air serving classroom and administration buildings.

Electrical:  Electrical design includes support for new HVAC systems and new very high efficiency lighting throughout the campus, along with a complete replacement of the fire alarm system. 

 Telecommunications: The project also features full audio/visual integration within classrooms for instructional presentation capabilities using both ceiling mounted projectors and ultra-short throw wall mounted projectors in combination with interactive whiteboards. In addition, the project features full implementation of wireless LAN connectivity school-wide for high bandwidth seamless roaming.  The IP-based CCTV security camera system provides enhanced features and reduced costs over traditional CCTV camera systems.  Premier Engineering Group played a pivotal role in the planning stages of the project, working closely with the architectural team in the design of classrooms and other technology related spaces with regard to both physical rooms layouts and the integration of technology.

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