Combat Weapons Training Facility, Patrick AFB


Description:  The new Combat Weapons Training Facility will be a 34,400 square foot, 14 lane, 100 meter, fully contained small arms firing range, control booth and range support facilities for training classroom, weapons maintenance, ammunition storage, weapons vault, latrines and administrative area. 


Construction Cost:  $8,400,000

Building Information Modeling (BIM) was utilized for all disciplines to provide a working model of the building prior to construction. This project was also one of five selected under the COBie (Construction Operations Building Information Exchange) USACE Pilot Projects Initiative. COBie integrates with the BIM model to provide all facility data in a centralized database for facility operation and maintenance.


Mechanical:   The 72,000 cfm, 100% outside air range heating and ventilating system will deliver a constant, evenly distributed 75 FPM velocity across the firing line under all conditions. The project included a DDC controls system, exhaust fans, HEPA filters and air distribution equipment to control exposure to lead and heavy metals.  The support facilities will be conditioned by a VRF (variable refrigerant flow) heat pump system with two air handling units and one mini-split ductless heat pump unit. The outside air for the support facilities shall be preconditioned via a split system 100% outside air unit.


Electrical:  The electrical design for project includes underground power distribution for the firing range and support facility, lightning protection systems, interior lighting, range lighting and exterior lighting. Lighting design throughout the range accounts for viewing angle and fixture protection. The total lighting energy budget was designed to meet the requirements of the Energy Policy Act 2005(EPAct2005) and ASHRAE 90.1 and LEED. 


Telecommunications:   The communications system design for project including site communications distribution utilizing both fiber and Category 6 copper for control room and support area facility; the interior communications systems included voice, data, intrusion detection systems, cable television and  audio/visual systems for presentation capabilities using ceiling mounted projectors and fixed television monitors.

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